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  • Super Bowl Fire: Salsa and Hot Sauce How To’s to Heat Up Game Day 29 Jan 2015 | 12:25 am

    Super Bowl Sunday is closing fast. Instead of blorping some store-bought standard salsa into a dipping bowl, why not take a little time for a custom job? Here are three articles from our Fiery Foods and Barbecue Super Site for doing that, complete with recipes. Continue reading →

  • World’s Largest BBQ Part 2: Dear Burn! Blog… 26 Jan 2015 | 5:53 pm

    I don't mind being corrected when I'm wrong.* When I'm right, though... A reader saw our recent post about what may or may not be the world's largest BBQ pit. He disagreed with much of what I said in the story and tried to dissect it almost line-by-line (my original lines are in bold): Continue reading →

  • More on the Hot Sauce Hall of Fame 26 Jan 2015 | 5:04 pm

    A couple of weeks ago, we brought you exclusive news about the new Hot Sauce Hall of Fame. Founder Steve Seabury is working his ass off to make it happen in time for the New York Hot Sauce Expo. He took a time for a more in-depth interview with us to fill in some of the blanks, though. Continue reading →

  • American Star Ghost Chili Vodka 25 Jan 2015 | 7:32 pm

    Oops. Depending on the part of the country that you’re from, you may have already noticed a regional spelling disambiguation in the name of this product. While it’s rarely spelled out (pun intended), and most folks have likely never every considered that chili and chile are two different things. Here in New Mexico, and you can see the rule at play here at the Burn! Blog, if you look hard enough. Continue reading →

  • World’s Largest BBQ Pit Up for Sale 25 Jan 2015 | 3:15 am

    For $350,000 you can buy what's allegedly the largest barbecue pit in the world. Dubbed "Undisputable Cuz," the monster meat smoker rests on Highway 2290 in Texas. All you need is the winning bid on Ebay. Continue reading →

  • Breakfast, the Meal of Champions? Worst Cooks in America Preview 29 Jan 2015 | 2:00 pm FN Dish – Food Network Blog

    Sarah plating her omoletIn Sunday’s upcoming episode of Worst Cooks in America at 10|9c, mentors Tyler Florence and Anne Burrell are testing the recruits on multitasking and time management, two skills that any good chef should have. And to get the recruits in the practice, they’ll be cooking a multicomponent breakfast. But of course on this show that’s easier said than done.

    When it comes to making breakfast classics, these recruits have no clue where to begin, especially when it comes to poaching eggs or making pancakes from scratch. Even after the team demonstrations, some of the recruits are left fumbling, but some surprisingly do excel at creating a breakfast that at least looks good, like Sarah’s omelet above.

    Anne whips egg whites
    Anne sure knows how to rock a whip — that is, when it comes to whipping egg whites.

    Genique hates eggs
    That’s a big problem, Genique. After all, it is a breakfast challenge!

    Sarah likens French toast to a loofah
    Sarah seems to have bath time on the mind, rather than focusing on the fact she’s on a cooking show.

    Leo with the peeler
    Leo uses a vegetable peeler for the first time and it shows.

    Tyler's impressed with Sarah
    Tyler’s over-the-moon impressed with Sarah’s omelet plating. Now how will it taste?

    Tyler drinks orange juice
    Someone forgot to ask how much pulp Tyler likes in his freshly squeezed OJ.

    Tune into Worst Cooks in America on Sunday at 10|9c to see how the episode all plays out.

  • Lemon-Lime Pound Cake — The Weekender 29 Jan 2015 | 12:00 pm FN Dish – Food Network Blog

    Lemon-Lime Pound CakeThis time of the year, when the days are short and bone-chillingly cold, I turn to citrus to help brighten my mood. I bring home clementines by the bagful, order boxes of sweet-tart Meyer lemons direct from California and peel myself at least one red grapefruit every afternoon as a snack.

    Most of the time, my citrus consumption feels spare and virtuous, but occasionally I put a few lemons and limes to work in a less austere manner. I have a small, dense lemon loaf recipe that I adore. Lemon curd happens at least once a season in my kitchen. And this year, I’m having a hard time keeping myself away from Ree Drummond’s Lemon-Lime Pound Cake.

    Lemon-Lime Pound CakeThis cake is simple enough to make, but it’s in no way spartan. You start by creaming three sticks of butter together with three cups of sugar. Once they’re well-incorporated, you add eggs, flour, a little salt and some lemon-lime soda. If you’re a seasoned baker, you might for a moment question the fact that there’s no baking powder or baking soda in the cake. However, the bubbles in the soda provide plenty of lift so that the finished cake has a fine crumb but is in no way dense.

    Do make sure that you grease your Bundt pan well before adding the batter, so that it doesn’t stick when you turn the cake out (though, if your cake does break a little, the glaze will cover any number of imperfections). And don’t trust only the clock when it comes to doneness. Make sure to use a long skewer as a tester so that you don’t end up with a goopy center.

    The end result is a large cake that is sweet, vibrant from the citrus and more than large enough for sharing with friends and neighbors. It’s perfect mood-elevating recipe for The Weekender.

  • Come Sunday, It’s All About Game-Day Chili Bowls — Comfort Food Feast 29 Jan 2015 | 10:00 am FN Dish – Food Network Blog

    Pat's Famous Beef and Pork ChiliWhen you crowd around the television during Sunday’s big game, score a touchdown with hearty chili bowls that are bound to win over hungry party guests. Dig into each simmering blend by the bowl, or use them to elevate your next plate of nachos or to bulk up a burrito. The best part? After the big game, leftover chili is even better than the first batch, and it’s ultra-freezable, so you can relive the big game down the road.

    Set out a serve-yourself chili bar at your viewing party, starring Pat’s Famous Beef and Pork Chili (pictured above). Starting with a foundation of smoky bacon and aromatic spices, this two-meat, two-bean chili deserves a spritz of lime, sliced scallions, a dollop of sour cream and a heap of cheddar.

    Game-Day ChiliWhen Geoffrey Zakarian simmers a bowl of his Game-Day Chili, he adds a frothy bottle of rich dark beer to add another layer of complexity. Simmer it with fragrant spices and fire-roasted tomatoes until the chili is thick, dark red and ultra-flavorful.

    Chicken ChiliLoad up Ina Garten’s 5-star Chicken Chili with peppers, tomatoes and basil for a lot of flavor with just a touch of heat. Instead of going for ground meat, roast chicken breasts in the oven before pulling the meat from the bone and simmering it in the chili.

    Sunny's Game-Day ChiliSunny Anderson’s Game-Day Chili greets the big game with a secret power ingredient: spicy chorizo. Sunny uses a potato masher to break up the flavorful Mexican sausage as it browns, and opts for a ground turkey base in her well-spiced game-day main dish.

    Get more chili recipes from family and friends:

    Feed Me Phoebe: Gluten-Free Chicken Chile Verde
    The Cultural Dish: Game Day Turkey Chili
    Big Girls, Small Kitchen: Classic Chicken Chili
    The Mom 100: Barbacoa Beef Chili
    Weelicious: Four Bean Chili
    Napa Farmhouse 1885: Three Bean and Veggie Chili
    Red or Green: Chili Dogs
    Swing Eats: Slow-Cooker Chili & Jalapeño Corn Muffins (gluten-free)
    Taste with the Eyes: Gourmet Bison Chili with Heirloom Cranberry Beans, Poached Egg
    Creative Culinary: Smoky Beef and Bourbon Chili

  • Fan Favorites: Your Picks for the Best. Burger. Ever. in Photos 29 Jan 2015 | 4:00 am FN Dish – Food Network Blog

    Best. Burger. Ever.Each week during the run of Best. Ever., FN Dish has been asking fans to share where they enjoy their ultimate eats, and in true superfan fashion, you have delivered in droves with details on the top pizza, barbecue, breakfast and now burgers. But for the first time this week, a noticeable number of fans went beyond just telling us about their best-ever burgers — they showed them to us as well. On Food Network’s Facebook page, multiple readers left comments and posted their personal pictures showcasing meaty monstrosities and over-the-top side dishes, plus notes on where to find these burgers.

    If fans’ photos are any indication, you all think beyond the basics when it comes to the hamburger. Take a peek at readers’ photo submissions below to see the piled-high and fully loaded burgers, then read the rest of fans’ burger selects on Food Network’s Facebook page.

    Best. Burger. Ever.
    Best. Burger. Ever.
    Best. Burger. Ever.
    Best. Burger. Ever.
    Best. Burger. Ever.
    Best. Burger. Ever.
    Best. Burger. Ever.
    Best. Burger. Ever.
    Best. Burger. Ever.
    Best. Burger. Ever.
    Best. Burger. Ever.
    Best. Burger. Ever.

    Find out where Food Network stars enjoy their Best. Burger. Ever.

  • Restaurant Revisited: Mystic Mystery at Mystic Treats 28 Jan 2015 | 8:55 pm FN Dish – Food Network Blog

    Robert Irvine on Restaurant: Impossible“I have no idea what ‘Mystic Treats’ means,” Robert Irvine told husband-and-wife owners Michael and Erika Lowe of the name of their Ashland, Ore., eatery. Though the couple has a shared background in the IT field, the two opened Mystic Treats three years ago and recently relocated it to a space with history as both Mexican and Korean eateries, which only furthered Mystic Treats’ oddball identity. After hearing feedback from the community, Robert managed to find his vision for the updated interior, and he tasked his Restaurant: Impossible design and construction teams to bring several themes to life, including “earthy,” “vibrant,” “quirky — a little bit” and “homey.”

    When it comes to the food at Mystic Treats, the menu was seemingly as confused as the decor: It offered pizza mash-ups inspired by hot dogs, pasta, and macaroni and cheese, among others. Michael and Erika had been committed to creating every element of their menu from scratch in the restaurant, and while Robert is usually quick to praise such dedication, the finished products coming out of the kitchen didn’t shine. “Some of the ideas are good, but the execution of it is not good,” Robert told Erika after she saw the reality of her offerings. With some help and inspiration from Robert, however, the couple learned how careful spending on store-bought items and forgoing several homemade products may in turn save them money.

    After two days of reinvigorating Erika and Michael, Robert was confident that the two had the tools they needed to give Mystic Treats a second chance at success. But despite Robert’s and his team’s best efforts, ultimately Mystic Treats closed its doors recently and is no longer open for business.

    More from Restaurant Revisited:

    Shade Tree Customs and Cafe (January 14)
    Knife and Fork Gastropub (December 15)
    Double H Ranch (December 8)
    Mama E’s Wings & Waffles (November 24)
    Papa C’s Eastside Cafe (November 3)
    Mama Lucrezia’s (September 24)
    Green Beret Club (September 17)
    Spicy Bar and Grill (September 10)
    El Bistro (September 3)
    Uncle Andy’s Diner (August 27)
    Country Cow Restaurant and Bar (August 20)
    Pomona Golf and Country Club (August 13)
    Paul’s Bar & Bowling (August 6)
    Marie’s at Ummat Cafe (July 30)
    The Fork Diner (July 23)
    Portu-Greek Cafe (June 11)
    Grace’s Place Bagels and Deli (June 4)
    Bama Q (May 28)
    Cave Inn BBQ (May 21)
    Bumbinos Italian Ristorante (April 30)
    Bryant’s Seafood World (April 23)
    Urban Roots (April 9)
    gratifi kitchen + bar (April 2)
    Mama Della’s N.Y. City Pizzeria (March 26)
    Pasión Latin Fusion (March 19)
    Tootie’s Texas BBQ (March 12)
    Mill Creek BBQ Restaurant (March 5)
    Estrada’s Restaurant (February 5)

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