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Chile - Chipotle
Here’s a hunka hunka burning mushroom. It is amazing how these mushrooms resemble meat in their texture and response to grilling. Now some people think that the flavor of the portabello is too intense by itself, so feel free to make mushroom "cheeseburgers" by melting cheese over the mushrooms and serving them on buns accompanied by potato salad. and a tossed green salad. Incidentally, portabellos (also portobello and portobella) are the same as cremini mushrooms, just more mature.
Remember, says Chef Mark Purdy, 'One of the secrets to a great BBQ is turning ingredients only when necesary.'
This recipe is part of a five-part series devoted to chipotles--those many varieties of smoked chiles. You can go here to start reading--and cooking with--chipotles of all kinds.
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This recipe is from John Hard of CaJohn's Fiery Foods.
Serve the salmon with asparagus cooked al dente and garlic mashed potatoes. Note: This recipe requires advance preparation.
This salad is filling and light all at the same time. We've kept the calories low and satisfaction level high by including some of our favorite ingredients, including potatoes, mustard, and chipotle chiles.
Use this condiment to prepare a great hors d'oeuvre, glaze, or even a salad dressing. This recipe for an elegant appetizer can be assembled in a matter of minutes and looks like it took a lot of work. Prepared frozen croissant pastry dough can also be used. Just roll out the croissants into triangles, overlap them, and fold them up around the cheese.
These potatoes are very high in flavor and lower in fat than the traditional ones. I sometimes leave the skins on the potatoes for extra taste.

This traditional Mexican table sauce is normally made in a molacajete, or 3 legged stone mortar, but a blender or food processor are acceptable substitutes. Serve with tacos, tostadas, burritos, etc., or use it as a wonderful barbecue sauce.


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