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Cooking Method - No Cook
Serve this more northern version of the Mexican drink as a chaser to 
straight tequila in a glass rimmed with salt. Sip the tequila, then the
sangrita, then suck on a lime slice. Repeat the procedure as often as
you dare! Or, mix the tequila into the sangrita.
This is the classic Spanish sausage which was later transplanted to Mexico and flavored with different chiles. Traditionally, the links are air-dried in a cool place before being refrigerated. For a great breakfast treat, remove the sausage from the casings, crumble and fry it in a pan. Add eggs that have been whisked and scramble them with the sausage. Serve with a chile sauce made from pimentón. You will need a sausage stuffer attachment for your grinder for this recipe. In some versions of this recipe, other seasonings, such as cinnamon and coriander, are added.

European sailors in the 1700s called this “midshipman's butter” because they liked to spread it on hardtack biscuits.  It's a great vegan substitute for mayonnaise because it has no eggs in it, and you can also use it as a sandwich spread, a condiment for grilled meats, or as a dip for veggies or chips. From the article Avocado Madness!

This recipe is the Thai equivalent to American coleslaw. It’s got a similar crunch, a similar freshness, but a lot of spice. Enjoy it on its own as a meal or along with your favorite curry.

Ancho or pasilla chiles can be substituted for the fiery chipotles if you desire a milder sauce. I’ve even used this pesto on pizza in place of the more traditional tomato sauce for a hot, south of the border taste.
This sweet and sour fish sauce dip is made spicy with chopped chilies and garlic, while fresh-squeezed lime or lemon gives it a sour edge. Called nuoc cham or nuoc mam cham in Vietnamese, it is the ubiquitous condiment of the Vietnamese table. Drizzle it over grilled meat set atop thin rice noodles tossed with shredded vegetables for refreshing fare, perfect for summer.
This recipe is a variation on spiced vodkas but with Mexican spices. It 
can be used in any drink recipe requiring tequila, or downed straight.
Note: This recipe requires advance preparation.
This recipe and others can be found in the article "In Hawaii, Barbecue Means a Luau" by Mike Stines, Ph.B.
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