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Meal/Course - Condiment

From J.P. Hayes of Sgt. Peppers Hot Sauce Micro Brewery located in Austin, Texas.

This fresh chili powder should be ground immediately before adding it to the chili.

Here is my spiced-up version of a rub that’s really pit-iful! (Sorry.) It does not exist in French Polynesia, but I was out of manioc powder.

This makes an unusual dressing for fruit salad because of the spice of the dry mustard and the red chile flakes. It can even be used for basting during the last two or three minutes of grilling vegetables; because of the sugar content, you don't want to use it too soon, or the vegetables will burn.
This rub can be used for any poultry--chicken, duck, pheasant, or turkey.

There are many meat-based hot sauces in Africa, but also some distinctly vegetarian sauces such as this one from Ethiopia.  Sever this sauce over starchy dishes such as plantains, yams, or rice.


Contrary to popular belief, in India, curry powders have become an integral part of middle class family life. This quick curry powder, called bafat, is from the southwestern region of India. It can be used for a meat, fish, or vegetable dishes. Traditionally, the spices are sun-dried for three days and then roasted.

Many barbecue teams create their own seasonings. This one was developed by the Raccoon Flats BBQ team.


This recipe and others can be found in the following article:

The Heat of Competition: The Jack Daniels' Championship


This is excellent served on pork ribs and any pork meats.

These spicy croutons are not only a tasty addition to this soup, they are great on salads too. For a hotter crouton add some ground chile piquin.


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