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Cuisine - Mexican
This is our version of Mexican flavorings that would work on goat, as in cabrito, pit roasted goat. Can’t find goat at Winn-Dixie? Use this rub for either grilling or smoking beef, pork, and lamb.
Serve this more northern version of the Mexican drink as a chaser to 
straight tequila in a glass rimmed with salt. Sip the tequila, then the
sangrita, then suck on a lime slice. Repeat the procedure as often as
you dare! Or, mix the tequila into the sangrita.
These fried, puffed-up tortillas are common throughout the Yucatan peninsula. Although usually served as an appetizer, we enjoyed ours as a lunch entree sprinkled with liberal doses of habanero hot sauce.

This is a rich soup that is definitely for those who aren’t counting their calories. It’s important that this soup does not come to a boil after adding the cheese or it may curdle and break. I serve this soup garnished with tortilla chips, like a more substantial version of the popular tortilla soup found all over Mexico. Serve with a flour tortilla in place of bread or crackers.

This is a quick and easy recipe that can be used as a marinade, dipping sauce, or as topping to grilled fish or poultry. I even use it as a flavoring in rice. If you are using the sauce for dipping after it’s been used as a marinade, for safety’s sake it must be simmered for 15 to 20 minutes before serving.

The heat factor in this dish can be very high, but the other ingredients will temper it somewhat. Serve it with hot slices of fresh corn and rounds of sweet potatoes.

This recipe, along with other sizzling holiday snacks, can be found in the article

Sizzling Snacks for Holiday Entertaining by Dave DeWitt

A Recipe From

Mexican Modern:
New Food From Mexico

by Fiona Dunlop 


Photographs by Jean-Blaise Hall

recipe image
This recipe is a variation on spiced vodkas but with Mexican spices. It 
can be used in any drink recipe requiring tequila, or downed straight.
Note: This recipe requires advance preparation.
Chiles and cumin combine here to create the olfactory essence of the Border. Most any type of small chile pepper that you can get in the bottle will work. Be sure to taste it often and remove the chiles when it reaches the desired heat--the longer the chiles are left in, the hotter the liquor will get!

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