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Chile - New Mexico Red
This method of making chile sauce differs from others using fresh green New Mexican chiles because these chiles aren't roasted and peeled first, as you must do with green chiles. Because of the high sugar content of fresh red chiles, this sauce is sweeter than most. We harvested some chiles from his garden one late summer day, made a batch of this sauce, and ate every drop as a soup! It makes a tasty enchilada sauce, too. It will keep for about a week in the refrigerator.
The marinade in this recipe also doubles as the dressing for the salad. We like to serve this salad with the shrimp hot off the grill, but it can be prepared ahead and served chilled. This is a meal in itself, but why not treat yourself to a chilled gazpacho and a dry white wine?

Piperies Gemistes me Feta may be Greek to you and me, but to a Greek, it means "Greek Peppers Stuffed with Feta." Because they're broiled, not battered and fried, these stuffed peppers are somewhat healthier than traditional chiles rellenos. Read the entire article about chiles rellenos here.

Since tofu was invented in China, it is perfectly appropriate to grill it after a good soaking in an Asian marinade such as this one. And it does absorb a marinade! Tofu comes in different styles–soft, regular, firm and extra-firm. The firmer ones are best for grilling but it is still critical to remove as much liquid as possible. Serve with hot and sour soup, Chinese sesame noodles, and mango pudding with almond cookies.

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Moroccan Tagines

by Nancy Gerlach 


Tagines or tajines are wonderfully aromatic North African stews that combine meats, poultry, chicken, or fish with fruits, vegetables and a large variety of spices. The centerpiece of Moroccan meals, there are literally hundreds of traditional tagines as well as many regional variations 

This classic sauce is thought to be of Tunisian origin, but is found throughout all of Africa.  It is used to flavor couscous and grilled dishes such as Kebabs.  Harissa Sauce reflect the region's love of spicy combinations all with a definite cumin and coriander flavor.  Cover this sacue with a thin film of olive oil and it will keep up to a couple of months in the refrigerator.

Although the recipes may vary from place to place, the bottom line with ranch-style eggs is that they are delicious for a hearty breakfast or a brunch served with refried beans and hash browned potatoes.

Indonesia grows goats rather than sheep, yet "mutton' was the meat of choice in the wet market of Little India in Singapore, so I can only assume that this delicious, curry-like soup can be made from either lamb or goat meat. The recipe is courtesy of Mrs. Devagi Shanmugam of the Thomson Cooking Studio. Find more recipes and read about Dave DeWitt's Singapore trip in the article Singapore Fling By Dave De Witt

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Jicama is a Mexican root vegetable, and its taste and consistency is a combination of a water chestnut, an apple, and a potato. In fact, some cooks substitute jicama for water chestnuts in Asian recipes. It can be combined with any number of fruits and vegetables because it blends so well with so many flavors.

Jim Schwass of the Raccoon Flats BBQ team created this rub that the team sometimes uses in competitions.

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The Heat of Competition: The Jack Daniels' Championship



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