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Meal/Course - Side Dish
This recipe is from John Hard of CaJohn's Fiery Foods.
This Italian recipe works with either bell or chile peppers. Interestingly, I’ve had a very similar recipe to this in India. Chickpea flour is substituted for the wheat flour in that recipe–see the recipe for Pakoras, below.

This recipe and others can be found in the following article:


The Tongue-Numbing "Flower Pepper" of Sichuan Province

by Kimberly Dukes

This is Dave DeWitt's favorite summer salad.  Most of it comes from his garden, with the exception of the avocados, which of course are tropical trees that cannot survive freezes.  The concept that every salad must contain a leafy green such as lettuce or spinach has gone the way of the passenger pigeon and Dave prefers the more intense flavor of the fruits without the leaves.  Serve this with your favorite dressing; he still prefers variations on Italian, but bleu cheese dressings also work well. From the article Avocado Madness.

Our group returned to Picus Coctelería five times in a one-week period because we felt "it was our duty" to introduce this dish to all of our friends. Diners can see the waters and the fishing boats, where the fish are caught the same day as they are served. Yolanda will even let you choose your own fish if you like.
It is important that the vinegar ratio not be altered to avoid any potential bacterial growth.

This recipe appears in the article "Sidekicks: Three Fun Barbecue Side Dishes from Mike
Stines" on the Burn! Blog. Read the story here.

This also works well as a topping for your favorite burgers.

The traditional, quick garlic soup of Madrid is transformed into a smoky-hot masterpiece with the addition of pimentón. What a perfect dish for a Sunday brunch!

(Recipe from Kent Rathburn, owner, executive chef Abacus, Dallas)

Beer in a dessert? Why not? This is an easy finale to a grilled meal and great with fruit flavored beers.

Here's a cold soup with a wonderfully fruity taste. It nicely combines mangos and Scotch bonnet chiles, but you can substitute any fresh chile that you have on hand. From the article Mango Madness!


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