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Cuisine - Southwestern
Here’s a perfect holiday dessert. Serve with coffee laced with Jack Daniel’s or hot chocolate.
Slather this sauce on during the last five minutes of cooking—just long enough for the sugar to caramelize and brown.
Take these "hot" muffins on your next picnic in place of ordinary bread or even chips. Flavored butters (or margarine) are easy to prepare and make tasty alternatives to a plain butter. Any unused butter can be frozen for latter use as a spread or for sauteing foods such as shrimp.
Grilled steaks no longer have to be just a piece of plain meat. Any type of fresh chile or combinations of chiles can be substituted for the jalapeños in this recipe. The stuffing can be prepared a day in advance and refrigerated. An hour before cooking, slice the steaks and fill with the chile mixture.
This is a very traditional condiment all over Mexico and the Southwest. The canned versions of these jalapeños are more commonly served, but these are much tastier. Note: This recipe requires advance preparation.
Another incredibly hot condiment, this rub should be used sparingly. You can use any piquins, chiltepins, tabascos, or other small, hot chiles in this recipe. It is good to coat fish to be grilled or conch to be fried up in oil. Rub the mixture lightly onto the fish fillet or conch. Squirt lime juice over the food. Then seal in a zip bag for 2 to 3 hours before cooking.
It’s really exciting to discover a unique but authentic island hot sauce recipe! This makes enough sauce to last for maybe a year in the refrigerator. Note that it is uncooked. Grind or process the peppers in a well-ventilated space, or preferably outdoors. Warning: the heat level of this sauce is off the scale, so use it sparingly. The Bahamas have an extensive sea salt extraction operation, so that is the preferred salt.

This citrus delight is simple to prepare and and just tart enough to complement the sweet-hot glaze. It is also nice when made in a bundt pan. Read more spicy holiday cake recipes by Dave DeWitt here.

Mesquite wood smoke is absorbed by the fish while it grills, imparting a distinctly Southwestern flavor. Care should be taken not to overcook--or burn--the fish.
Here's a manageable size with all the same great ingredients as the big one.  The original was made of Italian sausage, which is always 100 percent pork.

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